Services of EMSCO Electric Supply

Engraving Labels / Nameplates
Emsco uses a high-power laser engraving system to custom engrave nameplates, warning signs, and wall plates, just to name a few. The laser can etch/engrave/emboss on many different materials. Let Emsco help you make your next job have that polished, professional look.
Tool Rental
Whether it’s a wire-puller, hydraulic crimper, or circuit tracer, Emsco rents the tools you need without the high cost of ownership.
Conduit Bends
Emsco has the tools and equipment necessary to make the difficult or simple conduit bends. Whether it’s elbows or offsets, no fabrication is too complex or too small for our experienced staff.
Conduit Cutting & Threading
Emsco offers “cut to length” conduit services as well as joint threading for any size job.Save yourself time and money by utilizing our skilled staff.
Lens Cutting
Emsco will custom cut your lenses to the length and size you need to save you valuable time and money on the job site.
Wire Cutting / Parralleling
Reduced your jobsite cable waste by letting us “cut to length” your wire purchase. You save on material and labor when we do the work.
Statewide Delivery Services
Emsco delivers anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. Same day or next day delivery is available with very few exceptions.
Project Take Offs
Bidding on a new or remodel project? Emsco has invested in trained personnel and state of the art equipment to accurately “take-off” most of all the public or private jobs bid in our market area.
Project Submittals
Emsco offers complimentary submittal service, providing  you with complete brochures for architect or engineer approval review on your material purchases.
Large or small, Emsco’s experienced staff will quote you the materials necessary to be successful in the bid market. Complete quotations that are accurate, acceptable, and you can trust is what you’ll get from our expert quotation department.

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